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Assembly, both contract and subcontract, is an extremely important part of all manufacturing processes. Contract assembly is undertaken by a contractor directly on behalf of the customer, whereas subcontract assembly is undertaken by a third party on behalf of the contractor.

Often, modern products consist of many complicated parts; therefore assembly companies often have entire departments for complex assembly procedures. Parts to be assembled vary from panels, to Printed Circuit boards, to motors and gears to plastic mouldings. Therefore, versatility is an important factor of any assembly company.

Choosing an assembly company is an extremely important task for any manufacturer. The cheapest assembly companies can be found in the Far East, in countries such as China and Thailand, however, if the individual parts are being manufactured in the west, it would not be cost-effective to ship parts there and back for the assembly process. Products are therefore usually assembled in their country of manufacture, and then shipped to the places of sale.

Assembly companies may also vary according to different specialities and fields of work: e.g. some may be more suited to assembling electronics, others plastic, and others engineering. This is also an important factor to be taken into account when choosing.


Denis Ferranit has been involved in the assembly business for over two generations and offers a comprehensive 'product build' service.  There well trained workforce has many years experience of meeting their clients needs.

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