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Surface Treatments

Surface treatments applied to engineering materials include powder coating and metal plating more recently referred to as electroplating. 

Powder coating is a decorative and shielding finishing method by means of using a dry and flowing powder to coat an object; this method is used instead of paint.  The object is spray painted using electrostatics to make the paint stick.  Once the powder is stuck it is then heated to melt the individual particles, this results in a smooth and even finish. 

Metal plating is the process of plating or coating an object in a certain type of metal. Most metals used for coating are pure metals, although sometimes alloys such as brass and solder are used.

Metal Plating

The purposes of surface treatments is to tailor the surfaces of engineering materials for numerous reasons.  This could inlcude decoration of objects ie color and roughness, and hardening of the metal, however other metals need to be treated and protected  if they are to be used in extreme conditions.   Coating the metal for extreme conditions will improve its wearability; improve paint adhesion, and protect it against corrosion, radiation shielding and others.

The treatment of engineering objects should be carried out by professionals such as Denis Ferrant engineering subcontractors.  This well established company has over 50 years experience of providing a comprehensive range of treatments that include metal surfaces, non-destructive testing (NDT) & electroplaitng services. 

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