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PCB Assembly is the name given to a printed circuit board once all the components have been soldered on.  Components include capacitors, transistors, silicon chips diodes, LED’s, logic gates and switches.

The manufacturing of PCB assemblies requires three materials.  These include the PCB, the components and the solder. The solder plays the role of a strong adhesive between the PCB and the components.

subcontract pcb assembly

The manufacturing of these components are normally done by machine for large scale production.

If you are looking for a well established subcontract pcb assembly company, Denis Ferranti is ones of the UK's leading electronics manufacturer.  They offer PCB assembly and production service for small and medium volumes (up to 50,000 boards a year) and SMT PCB assembly & PTH assembly solutions.

They are able to offer SMT PCB Assembly cards on modern automated lines and have to the capacity to place components from  to  0402 to 52mm sq.  Find out more about Denis Ferrnati PCB Assembly capabilities.

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